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To keep you up to date, we provide various information services. The central point of it is this web page.

The InfoBox summarizes different information materials for e-learning. They are used to enable a self-reading and self-paced access to eLearning. The following informational materials are available for free:


We also offer mailing lists and RSS feeds with the following contents:

  • elsa News: Is both a mailing list and a RSS feed that information communicated to the general eLearning at Leibniz University Hannover. elsa-date you can subscribe on our homepage as an RSS feed, or we take your e-mail address to our mailing list. Send us an email with this subject "elsa-News mailing list" to our e-mail address.

  • Stud.IP News: These messages you receive automatically if you have access to Stud.IP system. Here you will be informed regularly about changes in the Stud.IP system. On the home page Stud.IP you can subscribe to this as an RSS feed.

  • Stud.IP Admin News: You automatically recieve these news, if you are administrator in the Stud.IP-System. You will get information about improvement and innovations in the system concerning the administrative user.